Exhibition News

I am excited to be participating in the following show at Bellevue Arts Museum which opens tomorrow! It will be up until April 8, 2018. I am attending the Opening Preview party tonight and will post photos soon. 

Looking Back 2016 - Experimental Tools Workshop

The following Workshop at Cornish created some fun examples from students and I will be teaching it again this spring semester at the end of March. 


Slide talk opener - a work in progress....

One of my favorite books ever! I love introducing their work as a great example of getting away from traditional and moving towards original. 

Looking Back 2016 - R&F Pigment Stick Workshop

I have been working with encaustic since 2001 and specifically with R&F products. I have toured their facility, become friendly with the owner and staff, done demos for them here in Seattle, and use them as a constant resource for my workshops. There is something to be said for supporting small business and working artists who have worked decades developing the best materials they can. My intention with the following workshop at Cornish was to showcase how R&F pigment sticks are great on their own without encaustic, whereas I have always combined both in my usual personal practice. 

Looking Back 2016 - Pulp Painting Workshops

Spring semester for me is filled with BFA exhibition preparations for graduating seniors each year, so I like to teach a few different workshops during the Fall semester at Cornish College of the Arts. The print resource lab is a special gem in the Art Dept. It is run by Brad Taylor and Tory Franklin. 

I premixed pigments, retention aid, and formation aid, with finely beaten paper pulp made for painting onto fresh sheets of  paper.

Fresh sheets of wet cotton on left, and abaca on right with pigmented pulp on top layer.

We used Abaca, Bamboo, and Cotton pulps for this workshop.

Variety of tools and materials. I use a paint mixing drill attachment for beating linters. 

Print Resource Lab

Dyed paper samples and a roll of special Katagami stencil paper I bought in Tokyo used for rice paste resist. This paper is super strong and water resistant which allows it to last for many years.

Pulp painting and papermaking fiber samples.

Paper samples

Cornish Art students

Looking Back 2016 - Chicago

Image: Kristin Swenson-Lintault
ASSEMBLAGE 24 x 24 encaustic, oil, paper, on wood panel
This work is available for purchase.
Contact KSL Studio for information. klintault@gmail.com

Links about this show.

Featured Artists:    Carol Myers, Carol Hamilton, Carrie Baxter, Cat Crotchett, Cate Cormack Judson, Cindy Lesperance, Daniel Breslin, David Najib Kasir, Deborah Martin, Diane Erickson, Dyan McClimon-Miller, Elizabeth Harris, Gina Louthian-Stanley, Jenny Hereth, Joan Moriarty, Kathy Roman, Kristin Swenson-Lintault, Laura LaRue, Linda Frueh, Linda Lowery, Lisa Davids, Mary McCloskey, Michelle Robinson, Robin Miller

Looking Back 2016 - Santa Fe

As things are gearing up for a busy 2017, I want to include a few things from last fall. I exhibited work in a show titled "Making Your Mark" at the Encaustic Art Institute Gallery.  

Image: Kristin Swenson-Lintault
FLYTTA, 10 x 10, encaustic, oil, mixed media on panel

This work is available for purchase by contacting the Encaustic Art Institute gallery directly.

Pratt Fine Arts Center - Summer Youth Program 2016

There are endless examples of great work. This really is just a few.....Enjoy and please register soon for the 2017 Summer program at Pratt. Go to www.pratt.org to find out more. I am looking forward to an amazing summer this time teaching Cave Art, Street Art, Pop Art, traditional still life and more!