Upcoming Show - November 2008


I am pleased to be showing my encaustic mixed media work at MODE, Seattle's premier green organic salon. This show titled "anchorage" is part of an ongoing series examining origins and connections. Much of my imagery is derived from aspects of trees, roots, veins, cells, knots, and twisting rope to address the ideas of being anchored, tied or firmly fastened to suggest strength, lifeline, continuum, nourishment and ancestral links. I combine rope, thread, string, paper and fabric with encaustic paint to further reinforce this idea. Thanks to Joe Carling, co-owner and Selina Boon, Designer and art coordinator for supporting Seattle area artists!

My Studio Wall Sept. 2008

Here is what my "working wall" looks like......today anyways.....

This photo is from my tree in my front yard two winters ago...
this work is a beginning idea of what will be multiples.

The Writing on the Wall

Wherever I go.....I seek out the work of street artists in
order to get a little more insight to the vibe of the city. It can
range from traditional graffiti to stenciled graffiti, sticker art,
wheatpasting, poster art, guerrilla art, video projection,
or street installations. Here are some examples from
the streets of Amsterdam.

Color Palette

I love it when I stumble upon just the "right" combination of color.....

Streets of Amsterdam

Rooftop view out my window...

Upcoming Event

My artwork will be on view Sept. 20th at the Kirkland Art Center in Kirkland, Washington.

Art Luck! Kickoff Event
Saturday, September 20, 2008
5:00 - 8:00pm

This will be the Kickoff Event for the Artist Potluck Series this weekend. There will be grilling, Brazilian music, a presentation by Jamie Bollenbach and a live skit. This is the first of a monthly gathering for artists to share a meal, view new work and discuss art issues. The next gatherings will be the last Friday of every month at 6:30 pm and a friendly critique at 7:30 pm. Join fellow artists from visual arts disciplines including painting, printmaking, ceramics, and film.

Found Objects

I have collected found objects since I was a kid and I still get inspiration from odd shapes, old weathered surfaces, natural formations and remnants of lost forgotten personal possessions. Here are a few examples from various beaches in Kauai as well as honeycomb from my friend's bee hives. (More on that later...)

Views from Kauai

My family and I spent some time in Kauai, Hawaii this summer..... what a magical place. Here are a few photos from our road trip.

Scenic lookout over the Hanalei Valley on the north shore near Princeville

Wailua Falls near the town of Lihue Remember the opening scene of Fantasy Island?

Beach in Kapa'a