Early Inspiration

As I teach painting classes out of my studio......I often think of those who helped me find my voice and the critical thinking necessary to to make work that is compelling and visually strong.

Dale Leys "Signal" conte, pastel, graphite on paper 1988

Dale Leys "Signal" Detail 1988

It has been many years now........but the inspiration, lessons and pure enthusiasm for drawing that I received in art school with artist and Professor Dale Leys has stayed with me and his influence is noted on my studio walls from his past show cards, small hand drawn portraits, and many parts and pieces of natural objects that look like bones and fossils. I can see how my love of surface and layering....... is and has always been part of his drawing style that you will be able to see in the following video of Dale working in his studio. The studio is exactly as I remember it and maybe Bob Dylan is still on the play list as well. His early recognition of my desire to make art my life long pursuit was critical at a time when a young artist could easily choose other paths.