Links between my past and present artwork and photography

on-site work I did while in Japan 1994

playful embossed ceramic tile 2007 

silkscreen print on paper with woodblock print on top 1995
detail of encaustic and oil on panel, 2007

litho print on paper, 1990?

playing with new application on my phone......2011

encaustic monoprint on one of my photos, 2012

photograph I took in awesome garden....2012

my heated palette....2012
winter in my backyard....2005

encaustic, mixed media on panel, 2007
sketches on studio wall....

detail of encaustic work and oil...
detail of encaustic work and oil
detail of encaustic work, oil, and fabric

detail of muddy sand on the edges of a river next to my campsite...

cover of sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project

detail of my floorcloth published in Surface Design Journal...

encaustic and mixed media on panel...

detail of encaustic demo example for workshops......

sketchbook pages of my first encaustic book for The Sketchbook Project

additional pages of my encaustic book

encaustic and mixed media on panel

encaustic on panel
photograph taken while in Hawaii 2010

detail of paper pulp painting using saturated pigments, 1996

silkscreen printing on paper, on-site installation, 1996

photography, 2012

encaustic, graphite on panel, 2001

detail of sculpture, encaustic.....