I AM HERE Photo Series

Created a few more additions to my I AM HERE photos series. Still having fun with this series.....its not too serious....just a be in the moment glimpse when I am otherwise so in my head this year.......Things haven't felt fun for long while now.....so looking for it anywhere I can. And moments like these over a rushing river with my family are really sacred right now. 


Camping at Mt. Baker

Taking time out for some needed space to slow down and be in the trees......The PNW is truly the best for that. Grateful for this beautiful location....Grateful for the summer weather....and grateful for space away from the intense times we are all experiencing this year....even just for a minute. 

Importance of Scouring Fibers

Before beginning to mordant or dye cotton, linen, bamboo or hemp fibers, be sure to scour with Synthrapol and Soda Ash to remove any existing oil or wax. This will help the dye to adhere evenly.
Below I am scouring cotton canvas and lightweight muslin with 10ml (2 tsps) Synthrapol and 20g (4 tsps) Soda Ash for each pound of fiber.  This simmers for about an hour in batches. Do not overfill your pot. You will gradually see the water color change from clear to yellow depending on your fiber type. I changed out the water several times as I am doing many batches.

Yellowing shows evidence that scouring was needed. 

Scoured fiber

Natural Dye Production and Research

I am making more dyes today.....Logwood is simmering below into an extract and persimmon rinds are soaking awhile before they get cooked down. As I am leaning on methods I learned years ago in Japan during grad school, I am also researching newer methods and tips from master dyers as I come across their work online. I will post details and links in coming weeks as I am still gathering information to share but I want to give a huge shout out to a local dye company in Seattle called Botanical Colors. I have joined a few of their summer Zoom meet ups with some amazing master dyers, and I am so grateful to be introduced to some new references in my research. Thank you so much to Kathy Hattori and the folks at Botanical Colors for starting the Feedback Friday series!

Logwood simmering

Persimmon pre-soaking

Botanicalcolors.com artist talk

Botanicalcolors.com artist talk

Botanicalcolors.com artist talk

Botanicalcolors.com artist talk