2019 Exhibition Catalog - Motherland

I attended one of several openings for Motherland this week and was happy to get to know better the many artists involved with CoCA.  If you would like a copy of the exhibition catalog, visit the Center on Contemporary Art directly to purchase or go online at link below as well. Thank you to curator Amanda Manitach and CoCA Executive Director Nichole DeMent! Very nice show!

Exhibition News 2019 - Motherland

Artist and former City Arts section editor Amanda Manitach curates this "salon-style" exhibition by CoCA members, which continues the gallery's focus on women artists and women's issues.

Center on Contemporary Art
114 3rd Avenue S. 
Seattle, WA.

Dates of Exhibition: March 7 - April 20, 2019
Opening: March 7, 6 - 9pm

Image: Kristin Swenson-Lintault
COHESION, 2016 encaustic, oil on panel 10" x 10"
Available: contact klintault@gmail.com

To see additional work by Kristin Swenson-Lintault on the Center on Contemporary Art website, visit the following link.

Cornish College of the Arts - Indigo Painting Project

I have been working with Idalis Madrigal and Ryan Woolworth for a long while now and they recently completed a painting project outside of the Visual Arts offices....perfect way for them to leave their mark during their final semester at Cornish. They are graduating with their BFA degrees in May 2019. I have had the best time ever working with them and so looking forward to assisting with their BFA installation coming up soon! 

removing vinyl

Making studies before painting the final wall....

Making more studies.....

Resist studies.....

More studies.....

Why Indigo Blue? 

Well......my love of Indigo started in art school in 1989 when I was studying Fiber and Textiles at SIU-C. Our amazing textile dye studio had an Indigo dye vat literally going all the time. Then later in 1994 as a graduate student I studied natural dyes and Indigo in Japan....one of the premiere places to learn about it.... So one of my final gifts to them (Idalis and Ryan) was to get acquainted with this amazing color even if they didn't know it at the time.....Indigo dye has an incredibly rich history and will always influence my research and my future artworks. 

Detail Image: Kristin Swenson-Lintault
encaustic work in progress
Image: Kristin Swenson-Lintault
encaustic monotype on washi....work in progress

The following photos are just a few from MOOD INDIGO: TEXTILES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, a local exhibition I attended in 2016 at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.


Mood Indigo: Exhibition at Seattle Asian Art Museum 2016

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed textile

Mood Indigo Exhibition: Dried Indigo plant installation

Mood Indigo Exhibition: Dried indigo plant installation

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed textile

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed textile

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed woven textile

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed textile using resist techniques

Mood Indigo Exhibition

Mood Indigo Exhibition: indigo dyed Japanese kimono