Sunday, December 28, 2014


Working in my studio.....setting intentions....drinking way too much coffee.......listening to the new Pink Floyd album and The Dub Factory  - Revolution.....and making plans for a great 2015! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

SCIENCE Online Exhibition Video

"Root" Encaustic on 14" x 11" panel
Kristin Swenson-Lintault

My work titled "Root" has been selected as part of an online exhibition titled "SCIENCE" at Linus Galleries in Pasadena and Long Beach, CA. A live collective show is scheduled in 2015.

Contact Linus Galleries at 310-491-0269 for purchase inquiries.

Click on video to see exhibition images. My work is at 2:11.

Exhibition Statement: Kristin Swenson-Lintault

My process has been varied but I have always been inspired to create work that deals with extracting the essence of some aspect of nature with an emphasis on abstraction, color, surface and layering. This encaustic piece titled “Root” has a direct connection to my studio location in the Pacific Northwest where moss grows prolifically and I am heavily influenced by plant color and texture.
“Root” is part of an ongoing series titled “Inside Out” examining origins, connections and lifelines. I use my interest in fiber/textiles and natural forms to build a range of imagery derived from trees, bonsai, roots, labyrinths, veins, umbilical cords, plant cells, knots, skeins, and sacred ropes to suggest strength, vitality, continuum, nourishment, and ancestral links.

Monday, October 13, 2014

October Exhibition

"Traces III" Encaustic, oil, fabric on 10" x 10" panel
Kristin Swenson-Lintault 2014

Contact Encaustic Art Institute at 505-424 6487 thru November 2, 2014 for purchase inquiries.

 "Traces III" is one in a series of 10 paintings that I have been working on this year that began as an encaustic monotype on fabric that was then layered with encaustic and oil paints.  It is on view now at the Encaustic Art Institute as part of their 4th Annual National Juried Encaustic Exhibition. The Juror is Merry Scully, Head of Curatorial Affairs at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Exhibition Dates:  October 4 - November 2, 2014

Opening Reception - October 4, 2014  12pm

Encaustic Art Institute Gallery
18 County Road, 55A
Cerillos, NM 87010
(20 minutes from Santa Fe)

Here is the first write up I have seen so far. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Appreciating the Signs of Spring

New Directions Leading to a Future Installation

I love it when I get inspiration to do something completely different and I don't even know where its taking me....but I have to do opens up so many other ideas that would have been lost if I didn't stop to listen. This is just like a rough sketch of an installation piece I am playing with. I think I need to make hundreds of these.......

New Website Preview

Here is a little peek at my new website I have been working on. I still have lots to do but it is rewarding for me to document the process of doing the tech side of things as well. I have taught myself little by little and I look forward to getting this online this year and using it as an extension of my creative process. I see this project as another way to build and layer ideas using many years of images that are either in progress in my studio today, from various cameras or from slides taken years ago collecting dust. I always try and use things I already have in a new way and my intention is to create a website that represents my journey in all its forms. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Documenting the Process

I have been working awhile on a growing series of paintings inspired by printmaking as a starting point. I choose to print on small pieces of canvas, pages in books, prior drawings, cut up clothing that speaks to me, and my own digital images. The ultimate finished imagery is still unfolding as I add layers or carve back into the work.

Happy to be in the studio!

Studio wall filled with layers and layers of stuff made at various times....some on paper, some on panels
  Starting point vs. more complete paintings

Work in progress. 

Work in progress

Encaustic prints
Layers of prints

Detail of prints

Detail of prints

Work in progress....painting over prints

Work in progress....painting over prints

Studio wall

Beginning inspiration for a new piece....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet Oso

Our new dog Oso hung out with me in the studio today....He is a very curious pooch....finding every last thing that might be a chew toy. 

Work in Progress

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

Encaustic on Paper

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014

KSL 2014