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Seattle, Washington, United States
Kristin Swenson-Lintault is a multi-media painter who works at her KSL Studio in Seattle as well as Cornish College of the Arts as the Visual Arts Studios Technician. She earned an MFA in Fiber/Textiles and BA in Fine Art – Drawing at Southern Illinois University, which included residency at Hospitalfield House, a 13C. historic Studio Arts Centre in Arbroath, Scotland to study painting and in Japan/S. Korea to study traditional natural dyes, textile printing, washi papermaking and anagama wood-fired ceramics. She has since traveled to France, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Belize to research art, history, and architecture. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows locally, nationally and in Nakajo, Japan, and is featured on the covers of "Translational Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience" a textbook series by Tremblay and Burkard. Her work is included in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library in NYC and the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, NM. She is currently exhibiting paintings at the Encaustic Art Institute Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. She teaches workshop intensives at her Seattle studio, Cornish College of the Arts and Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Current Show

I have always been inspired to create work that deals with extracting the essence of some aspect of nature. My current body of work titled “anchorage” is part of an ongoing series examining origins and connections. Much of my imagery is derived from aspects of trees, roots, veins, cells, knots, and twisting rope to address the ideas of being anchored, tied or firmly fastened to suggest strength, lifeline, vitality, continuum, nourishment and ancestral links. I use my most recent perspective as a mother to translate the dualities of nurturing, as one would cultivate bonsai. I am always reminded to build my own rugged wind-swept exterior and weather the occasional scarring that takes place. My process of incorporating rope, thread, string, fabric, ink and graphite with encaustic paint combines my drawing sensibilities with visual depth utilizing the inherent sculptural qualities of wax.


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