National Encaustic Conference Presentations

One of my favorite presentations at the National Encaustic Conference this year was "Encaustic With A Textile Sensibility or Medium For A Material Girl" by Daniella Woolf. Daniella Woolf's own work in textiles and encaustic has a wonderful textile sensibility as you can see on her website. She created an online version of her lecture which you can read here called...... EncausticFIBERopolis

"Morning Pages 21" 2007 Encaustic Mixed Media by Daniella Woolf

Daniella discussed artists whose work illustrate how materiality is more relevant now than ever. I particularly responded to the works of Rob Larson , Carlos Estrada-Vega and Gabriel Russo.

"Red" 2001 Discarded Gum Tops by Rob Larson

Back in March, 2008 The University of the Arts in Philadelphia hosted an International Fiber Symposium: M a t e r i a l t y + M e a n i n g : Examining Fiber and Material Studies in Contemporary Art and Culture. To learn more go to Website:

This was part of a larger event, FiberPhiladelphia 2008 which consisted of 29 exhibitions and two symposia that examine the current explosion in the use of textile and fiber materials in the field of contemporary art.

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