Looking Back 2016 - Pulp Painting Workshops

Spring semester for me is filled with BFA exhibition preparations for graduating seniors each year, so I like to teach a few different workshops during the Fall semester at Cornish College of the Arts. The print resource lab is a special gem in the Art Dept. It is run by Brad Taylor and Tory Franklin. 

I premixed pigments, retention aid, and formation aid, with finely beaten paper pulp made for painting onto fresh sheets of  paper.

Fresh sheets of wet cotton on left, and abaca on right with pigmented pulp on top layer.

We used Abaca, Bamboo, and Cotton pulps for this workshop.

Variety of tools and materials. I use a paint mixing drill attachment for beating linters. 

Print Resource Lab

Dyed paper samples and a roll of special Katagami stencil paper I bought in Tokyo used for rice paste resist. This paper is super strong and water resistant which allows it to last for many years.

Pulp painting and papermaking fiber samples.

Paper samples

Cornish Art students


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